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Domain Creation Date: Private ~2014 year
Domain Creation Date: May 2012
Domain Creation Date: April 2014
Domain Creation Date: Private ~2010 year


Our History:

Somewhere in 1998 we start selling services for IRC network such as eggdrop, Psybnc, Irssi, and etc`, our services was success, more then 50 clients and more then 500 vhosts!, then we try expand our services and start give webhosting service, VPS, and even dedicated servers in few location worldwide, our services was in USA, Germany, France, Romania, Israel, Norway, UK, Japan. Our vision was focus on our customer services and we success with it. after then we try expand again and we start sell domains and certificates for our clients, and till year 2015 we got ~500 clients!, it was not easy handle company such this but with good job all was great.

Why buy this domains ?

1. Our Company spend hundred dollars per month for SEO, we was on first page in google for next keywords: rhost, rapidhost,, webhosting, rhost vps.

2. This domains in trust list of all popular Anti-virus and in all popluar tools/software for "safe checker website" for example: TrendMicro, Norton, McAfee SiteAdvisor, Woo and more.

3. We are also known in social media and in different forums worldwide, we advritise our self becuase it was part of SEO, for example only in facebook was 600 users that support us.

4. Bulk short domains with good catch and promotion for different search engine


What you will get with the domains ?

1. Hostbill system - Datacenter license

2. 2xDirectadmin system - lifetime license

3. Installatron - lifetime license

*we selling as one package all services and we whould not sell anything seperate, if you intersting you can send bid price for [email protected] or ask us for the price.